Find out if prior authorization is required by entering the member’s group number (from ID card) and procedure code.
Note: For inpatient notification and authorization requirements, see our quick guide.
This tool works for most AZ Blue members with employer group and individual/family plans. For requirements for other types of plans (such as Federal Employee Program, CHS, Medicare Advantage, etc.), visit our Prior Authorization and Medical Policies page.
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Medications covered under pharmacy benefits: Visit pharmacy resources for AZ Blue coverage and prior authorization requirements.
Medicare Advantage plans: Visit the Medicare Advantage Provider Resources page.
Medicare Supplement plans: See the AZ Blue prior authorization code list.
CHS Group plans: Call the number on the back of the ID card or contact the group’s TPA.
Federal Employee Program® (FEP®) plans: See the AZ Blue Prior Authorization Code Lists (tab 7) or visit the FEP Plan Brochures page.
BlueCard® (Out-of-Area) members: Use the BlueCard prior authorization router tool in the AZ Blue secure provider portal.